Welcome to IndustriCare, We are a comprehensive and full service Occupational Medicine Clinic and have been located in Charlotte for the past seventeen years. IndustriCare specializes in all aspects of Occupational Medicine. We provide quality and cost effective medical care to employers and their employees to keep employees healthy and on the job. Our team will work with you to customize your Occupational Medicine Program to ensure your specific employer needs are met.


Mission Statement:

IndustriCare's mission is to provide superior medical care in a multidisciplinary environment that improves overall health of the employee and returns them to work
as expeditiously and cost effectively
as possible.

We use proven Industrial Medicine Protocols to achieve cost effective and consistent outcomes to meet employee and employers needs through:

1. Quality Medical Care
2. Reduce Loss Time Injuries by providing  return to work in full duty or modified capacity, coordinating return to work within employer policy and guidelines.
3. Reduce recordables by initially treating conservatively when possible.
4. Prescribing medications and physical therapy only when medically necessary.
5. Maintain effective communication for medical treatment and work status between employer, employee and Insurer.Obtain prior authorization for service provided.
6. In house cost effective Medical Case Management and coordination of care , to include on site Orthopedists and
physical therapy.
7.Work status forms and medical notes available the same day of treatment
8. We answer the phone to provide access to staff to assure questions are answered and information obtained when needed.


IndustriCare provides only Occupational Health Services. We will customize your program and partner with you to ensure quality care for you and your employees.